Cloud computing

What is cloud computing?

The present article will deal, as far as possible, to clarify the doubts that you have in relation to What is cloud computing?
Let's remember that we are in complete digital era and as such constantly we are in contact with concepts like: operating system, software, computers, printers, internet etcetera. Things those almost two decades ago did not mean bigger relevance in the life of the human being. However, today these and many other concepts are totally indispensable to accomplish as simple things as: Sending out a letter, sending a photo, making friends: Or inclusively sending a job to another part of the planet, without getting out of your house.

Another concept that definitely has come to your ears is the one of the "cloud". The whole world at present talks about some theme concerning to this concept, that in turn it finds itself hardly related with the movable technologies and the net.

Video Cloud Computing

Rackspace Cloud

The Rackspace Cloud was thrown to the marketplace on March 4th. 2006 for the company Mosso, like an alternative to the services that existed until that moment within the infrastructure of the Cloud since then has undergone several changes, to become one of services more used in the world. Afterwards in the year 2006 this brand merged finally with

Which services does Rackspace Cloud offer?

Hosted files in the cloud
It could be said that this is the main service that offers the aforementioned company, basically it consists in bestowing archival on-line storage and documents upon the customer practically unlimited, as well as the service of Content Delivery Network (CDN), these can include the following: Backup copies, files of audio and video, personal information etc. The average cost is around $0.15 of dollar for GB utilized. An important advantage regarding other matches is that Rackspace allows you to upload files up to 5 GB of size.
Application Programming Interface
Rackspace gives you the opportunity to have total control on the files that you upload on the Cloud, besides you can access via API through interaction with a customer of open code, like for instance: Java, PHN and Ruby. On the other hand, it allows that files can mount inside any operating system (Linux, Windows, Mac etc.) As if these were about a local disk unit.

What is a Virtual Private Server?

This is an information-technology denomination that is used most of all in the services of hosting offered in Internet and they make direct remark to the Virtual Machines. These are very similar to the physical computers however, one of the main characteristics that distinguish them is the fact that they find themselves designed exclusively to supply the customer's needs such as: Aspects of security or personalized configurations.
From this term also comes of the named Cloud Server, with the only difference that these can be configured directly from the Cloud . Something else that we should consider of the Virtual Private Server (VPS) is that it has slight knowledge shared of other concepts as it is the case of multiprogramming. Most of potential customers ask if that service has a swift answer at the time of accomplishing any operation, the bad thing of the subject resides in which they can take time too long in making a choice if this is or not the best choice for them, this without a doubt harm the purveying companies since it limits its time of action.

During the indicated test period the virtual servers, can be used also to solve problems of other customers. With this, we can realize that this model gives priority to the fast and effective use of all the available resources at that moment.  Thus reducing the time in which systems find themselves inactive. In the same way, give the users the opportunity to save archives, to share resources or simply to use the peripherals like the scanners, printers etc.

What is Cloud Collaboration?

The Cloud Collaboration is a recent model in which they can share themselves or creating different computer files through the service of Cloud Computing, where the aforementioned documents find themselves housed in a central cloud where at the same time can be modified by users that did not participate actively in its original creation process. This has made possible the interaction between several groups of people, then when has found these archives raised in the net cause that the people provide ideas, comments or inclusively at times may correct existing errors in them. Business activities at the present time have taken a tendency led toward to that new structure (over all those that come true of virtual way).

The Cloud Collaboration joins preponderant factors in this epoch of globalization; the most important one of all of them is precisely the one of the contribution and support between various companies that they share like only objective creating new products.

Here when we talk about collaboration we are directly referring to those people who work on in a joint way in a specific task (in its majority programming). Is pertinent to remember that in the past it was practically impossible to accomplish a distance job, because of the complications that this supposed. In those cases the work should have come true in a single place. Today turns out to be almost unimaginable only to think that a product comes from a single place. Let's put for instance a car assembly plant, in which the motor is assembled in a place, the chassis in another one and both parts finally are taken to another place for their assembly.

What is Grid Computing?

The Grid Computing is understood like the union of several administrative controls, with the purpose of getting a common end. In other words, it is a net that contains great quantity of archives interconnected among them, although this comes true of non-interactive way. The main characteristic that tells from this type of models is precisely that these tend to be less matched, a little dispersed and inclusively at times they can rate themselves of heterogeneous.

Often the Grid are used to accomplish several tasks at the same time, however, also they can take care of only a specific subject. It comes to be very simple to work with a suchlike structure, since most of programs find themselves organized as if they were within a library.

The applications that they find inside a Grid, are in reality little parts of the entire thing. For instance, if we made out an analogy of this structure and compare it directly with the human body, we would realize that every one of the above-mentioned applications would represent a little part of a muscle. While the remaining part resides in external computers. This aspect contrasts clearly with what commonly is acquainted like a supercomputer, because those apparatuses find themselves connected to several processors.