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What is cloud computing?

The present article will deal, as far as possible, to clarify the doubts that you have in relation to What is cloud computing?
Let's remember that we are in complete digital era and as such constantly we are in contact with concepts like: operating system, software, computers, printers, internet etcetera. Things those almost two decades ago did not mean bigger relevance in the life of the human being. However, today these and many other concepts are totally indispensable to accomplish as simple things as: Sending out a letter, sending a photo, making friends: Or inclusively sending a job to another part of the planet, without getting out of your house.

Another concept that definitely has come to your ears is the one of the "cloud". The whole world at present talks about some theme concerning to this concept, that in turn it finds itself hardly related with the movable technologies and the net.

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Some history Cloud Computing

The term or concepts of cloud computing started primarily in certain web sites, which concentrate on providing people community services. As for instance Google or Amazon among others. The united ideas of these companies, an enterprising brand-new and attractive vision happened. This consisted basically in offering a chain of multiple virtual services to the consumer, ordered strategically in horizontal way, in order that they were perceived by the user, as if they were about different components of a whole thing. To this new model, it came to be acquainted with the nickname of farms of information, because they find themselves shaped by an intricate net of nets, that's to say, to every one of these concerns a task or specific function with certain degree of autonomy. However, it has by rule to support oneself to a narrow interrelation with the other nets.

But, then do you know What is cloud computing?

If you don't know do not get worried, in a few minutes we will explain it to you. The term cloud computing refers to the situation in which the tools (software, documents etcetera) those are parts of a computer change positions to a remote place, that's to say, from this happens, all that we need to work will meet in the net and to gain access to those contents the only thing that we will require will be counting on a connection to Internet. That storage space is known under the name of Cloud, because he lacks an exact place of position.
Another different way to define that concept would be the following: Cloud computing is understood like the mass processing of data and storage of information in different groups of servers that in turn they find connected to Internet.
Also it bears mentioning that the term Cloud because it’s of infinite flexibility was given constantly gets the message that, this service can embrace very varied ways like it happens with those heavenly bodies, to the ones that makes a perfect analogy .
If no one of the previous definitions clarified your doubts or satisfied your requirements, never mind, since there are many more than we can apply according to our convenience. For instance, we could say that the cloud computing represents an inclination where the delivery of computational services goes to. In other words, it is the transfer of the applications (software, documents, etc.) As well as from the services to Internet and just the same suggest the increase in the use of the aforementioned tool, in order to be able to access to a wide variety of services, which in a conventional way meet inside a personal computer, in offices, factories, schools or homes.

Very well but How does it work exactly?

In order to expose it on a fast and simple way, we will say that the cloud computing are big servants that are destined to Internet and at the same time they keep moving permanently in different applications, with the only purpose to supply the user's needs, whenever he requires it. Another important point to stand out is that in general these servants become ubiquitous beings, that is, entities that have presence everywhere since you can have access to that information using a connection to Internet, in any type of device, independently if it is regular or movable. And the best is that you practically can make it out of from any place of the world where you be situated at that moment. In the same way, we make a comment to you than to use the cloud you do not require no specific knowledge to utilize it, furthermore, I am sure that you already have used it more than once without although realize.

At what time do we use the cloud?

We can say that at the present time use it practically at any moment. For instance, when we check our e-mail. Never mind, if it is Hotmail or Gmail.
In fact, I believe that the e-mail represents the easiest example of what the cloud means, since precisely your messages, attachments, the list of contacts, photos and all that you have stored in your account finds itself stored in a group of Internet servers. Another one of the big benefits that the service of cloud computing has, is that today it is no longer necessary to be transporting your information in handsets like USB drives or external hard disks. Now, you have the possibility of looking up big information aggregations, giving only a click.

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