Which are the Cloud Computing's disadvantages?

In the previous article, we saw some of the main advantages that involve using Cloud Computing's service. Now in the present article we will mention some issues that worry certain users, as well as some negative point that can happen in its utilization.

The concentration of all the applications in a single place An issue that worries very much mainly the companies’ executives that hire Cloud Computing's service is the fact of having precisely their data and tools nurtured in a single place, since this generates an immediate relation of interdependence between them and the different service providers.

Only who has access to Internet, can need to unload the applications There are some experts that sees this point like one of the main disadvantages that presents this type of service, because they argue that when having an outburst limited of customers, logically they see that the scopes of their company were decreased (only people that count on entrance to the net).

The private company information finds in The “Cloud” Another one of the points that more worries, the institutions that acquire this model of business, is definitely the theme of security. Many people are afraid that the confidential company data or the data bases of their customers and suppliers, suffer some type of information-technology attack as it can be the theft of information, since these are inside a virtual servant. For this reason, a lot of companies dedicated to render Cloud Computing's service, have worried about offering advanced mechanisms of security to their customers, like for instance the inclusion of the named VPC'S (Virtual Private Cloud), it functions as the traditional private nets. With it, it is wanted that may establish oneself hybrid or mixed kind's schemata, that's to say, a system in which a portion of the applications and of the information were settle down in a permanent way in the company. While the other part, will remain definitively in the cloud. Some advices that can help you in order that information remains always safe are the following: Putting things in order and classifying your lists of customers and suppliers, according to specific characteristics, using methods of encryption and carry out periodically backup copies of your information in someone else's place far from the organization.

The fear to uncertainty Unfortunately we live in a epoch in which born and disappear companies overnight, either for legal, financial problems, fusions etc. the fact is that many of the people that hire Cloud Computing's service lack completely of certainty of knowing what is going to happen to them, if any of these misfortunes happen.

The cost of training the employees Although one of the virtues of using the system of services of Cloud Computing, is the low cost-reducing investment that involves starting this model. Contradictorily it results quite opposite in those organizations where they do not have a minimal base of information-technology knowledge. Having to train the workers in order that they learn to use those new technologies mean a great investment, which unfortunately a lot of companies are not willing to make, because the only thing that they are interested in is getting immediate way results.

The saturation of servants While more users utilize the services of the determined company in the Cloud, more will be also the saturation of its servants. Therefore, if the company does not count on the necessary tools to go adapted to the requirements of response to their customers, will possibly go through surcharge in their storage sites of information.

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