Cloud Database

This concept makes reference to a data base, which generally is used inside a platform of Cloud Computing. There are two models for your implementation: Customers can have free outburst to their data bases either to consult to do concessions, intervening independent way using a virtual machine. However, if they prefer it they can hire a Cloud Database that finds supervised by a specialized company, who in turn offers you the whole certainty and maintenance necessary in order that you do not have to get worried almost for anything. Of the great variety of offers that exist on the market, some find themselves based in the models SQL and other ones in NoSQL. 


It is a language used for the handling of data bases, which finds itself based in organizing and handling of big sets of records. This allows increasing the efficiency since they manage big volumes of data in a dynamic and simple way. With this type of language it does not require to give it an specific order of execution, because this tool focuses more in What? Than in How? If what is desired is accomplishing an efficient consultation of data, what is recommended is making use of indexes. It important to mention than depending of the type of data base it talks about, that level of indexation will depend in the same. It means, there is a directly proportional relation. 


Here the data that are stored do not need to have a structure defined (like for instance tables) to be able to use. These systems of organization habitually are used in structures of horizontal kind. These data bases collected great relevance, due to the exponential growth of the Web, since because of these tools they can drive and processing big volumes of data in real time that shares a similar structure. They prove to be very stable although not very flexible when it is a question of the record storage. 

Manners of use 

Virtual machine Image 
Most of the companies that offer its storage services in the Cloud, offer their customers the possibility of acquiring a virtual machine, in order that this can save its data and turn to have them available in the web, for a set term. The great is that users can create his own virtual machine depending of their needs. Nevertheless, if this proves to be complicated to them they can choose among several pre-designed templates. It is very common that the people choose this last option when it is a matter of a company that counts on a large number of employees. 

Like service 
Some suppliers offer their Cloud Computing's structures like a service, in which customers do not need to count on no type of virtual machine to be able to drive their data bases efficiently. Aloud this model of configuration, customers (owners of the programs or data that they have stored) do not require to install any additional software to be maintaining or monitoring their information. Of those assignments the supplier takes care of the service, here the customer only has to pay, according to the parcel that he had hired. (License of use) 

Another option involves the called Hosting. Here the Cloud Database also finds itself housed in a servant; the main difference is that in this type he offers us as a service, the supplier simply dedicates himself to manage all the aspects that he finds related with the data base, as a representative of the person who hires the service. 

Design and characteristics 

Most of the companies dedicated to the data storage, let that the user makes certain modifications depending on his requests. For instance, you can carry a constant and detailed control of the status that has your data base with the implement of statistics. Also you can sometimes make out backup copies of your information.

In case you have it hired like a service, you can do maintenance on the understanding that you need it, as well as modifying various operational issues that influence its productivity. For instance, you can modify one or several parameters of your data base, eliminating numbers that no longer you are using, or even restoring lost information. Some companies include a kind of operating system, whose function is the one of helping the user to do more simple his work. If this is the case, the supplier takes upon him to maintain brought up to date all the necessary software for an optimal functioning of the data base.

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