What is Cloud Collaboration?

The Cloud Collaboration is a recent model in which they can share themselves or creating different computer files through the service of Cloud Computing, where the aforementioned documents find themselves housed in a central cloud where at the same time can be modified by users that did not participate actively in its original creation process. This has made possible the interaction between several groups of people, then when has found these archives raised in the net cause that the people provide ideas, comments or inclusively at times may correct existing errors in them. Business activities at the present time have taken a tendency led toward to that new structure (over all those that come true of virtual way).

The Cloud Collaboration joins preponderant factors in this epoch of globalization; the most important one of all of them is precisely the one of the contribution and support between various companies that they share like only objective creating new products.

Here when we talk about collaboration we are directly referring to those people who work on in a joint way in a specific task (in its majority programming). Is pertinent to remember that in the past it was practically impossible to accomplish a distance job, because of the complications that this supposed. In those cases the work should have come true in a single place. Today turns out to be almost unimaginable only to think that a product comes from a single place. Let's put for instance a car assembly plant, in which the motor is assembled in a place, the chassis in another one and both parts finally are taken to another place for their assembly.

The Cloud Collaboration has reached up to a place in which what's difficult no longer is at present making use of technology, but rather the difficulty relapses in the indisposition that many people have at the time of collaborating actively. According to studies accomplished recently it has been discovered five possible reasons which the people refuse to cooperate.
These are:
- They do not wish to share of gratuitous way their knowledge with the other ones, since they argue that it cost them much money and effort to acquire them.
- Consumers only want to collaborate, through those tools that mean bigger comfort. For instance, the case of the e-mail.
- To the people that refuse to take part in these processes, does not offer to them no incentive to try to change their behavior step by step (either economic or moral).
- At times in the work teams what is most needed is a strong leadership that means the total attainment of the drawn objectives.
- Finally, top managements do not find themselves implicated either to the 100 % in the chain of collaboration.

For that reason, a lot of purveying companies of services have been concerned about offering a solution to this type of problems in the short term. Such like the possibility of being monitoring constantly who and at what time have access to the documents.

However here it is convenient to ask us a question when does the Cloud Collaboration appear?
Before they began to be used the services in the Cloud, the greater part of contributions and collaborations in projects were done for much more rudimentary methods, for instance mediate transfer protocols of file transference (FTP). The first important company that began to offer suchlike services was the company Amazon, who in a first moment got in touch only in the matters that have to do with the infrastructure of the Cloud. Afterwards, Google gave the following step when transferred certain portions of Gmail, that is, some accounts of users transferred to what after they knew the Public Cloud.

Since the year 2007 has been able to  observe an increment in the number of organizations that have begun to offer Cloud Computing services, those who have gotten with over the years to fill holes that there was available on the market, creating a most open community but most of all more collaborative.

The experts in the matter affirm that the Cloud Collaboration's growth is largely due to non-qualified laborers’ arrival, which have gotten to enrich the surroundings of the web (common people). This includes the social networks like Facebook or Twitter just like the courier services of course instantaneous like the MSN Messenger.

But not only has the society in general benefited with the Cloud Collaboration, but also big industries like the technologic for instance where advances have been surprising. All this can look reflected in the price setback and in the generalized consumption.


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