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The Rackspace Cloud was thrown to the marketplace on March 4th. 2006 for the company Mosso, like an alternative to the services that existed until that moment within the infrastructure of the Cloud since then has undergone several changes, to become one of services more used in the world. Afterwards in the year 2006 this brand merged finally with Rackspace.com

Which services does Rackspace Cloud offer?

Hosted files in the cloud
It could be said that this is the main service that offers the aforementioned company, basically it consists in bestowing archival on-line storage and documents upon the customer practically unlimited, as well as the service of Content Delivery Network (CDN), these can include the following: Backup copies, files of audio and video, personal information etc. The average cost is around $0.15 of dollar for GB utilized. An important advantage regarding other matches is that Rackspace allows you to upload files up to 5 GB of size.
Application Programming Interface
Rackspace gives you the opportunity to have total control on the files that you upload on the Cloud, besides you can access via API through interaction with a customer of open code, like for instance: Java, PHN and Ruby. On the other hand, it allows that files can mount inside any operating system (Linux, Windows, Mac etc.) As if these were about a local disk unit.
Aspects of Security
In this aspect, Rackspace finds itself well prepared, since archives have complete copies of the same in different zones of the server, this makes they find themselves totally separated from one another in the web. In addition, files can be distributed practically any place of the world, by means of information-technology terminals. As much the control panel like them API, find themselves protected by passwords, which prevents any intruder can have access to these tools.
Some Exceptions
Unfortunately, today do not have the necessary technology to have a “Native” operating system, which it allows us mounting our images as if we were within a virtual machine, for this we have to use similar resources to the JungleDisk, serving as an intermediary and at the same time it is a standard treated like WebDAV. Another negative aspect is that data find themselves stored in such a way that they make impossible the Creation of folders.

What about the Cloud Servers that Rackspace offer?
The first thing that should say about servers is that its cost is much lower in comparison to one of traditional infrastructure. Apart can have total access to them, this lets that the user may create a personalized configuration. Since the year 2010 Rackspace provides its users technical basic support, most of all in that that refers to problems that they have with the operating system or some other programs. It is pertinent to stand out that this service obtains paying an extra fee, nevertheless, if you prefer it you can access directly to the portal of Rackspace where you will find countless of tools that will help you to solve an enormous quantity of common problems.

What are the Cloud Sites?
They are elements that are a part of the infrastructure of the Cloud Computing and are very similar to the traditional storage sites in the web, with the difference that these have a structure of horizontal type and only its growth can be that way. The service includes: Hosting, files distribution and a determined amount of bandwidth, all this by means of a payment by the month with credit card. Some experts make a comment that this is one of the easiest and fast ways to get a bigger number of customers in a smaller period of time.  Some inconveniences of the Cloud Sites are that do not bear Java, Microsoft Exchange etc of the same shape, it proves to be impossible to place multiple level domains inside the same root directory.

How does the control panel of Rackspace work?
The control panel of Rackspace was thought originally like an alternative resource the cPanel, tool that is used by most of the sites that supply the archival storage service or documents. In addition, the control panel of Rackspace offers the possibility of being able to have control over the Cloud Servers, Cloud Files and Cloud Sites, inside a single platform without having to be constantly changing of application. Another of the advantages it counts with is that users can manage all its infrastructure, plans of business, customers etc. Even those customers can access a limited version of the control panel to thereby be on the lookout for mail messages sent to them. Finally, it only remains to mention the users are also able to offer its customers chat and discussion forums to express their doubts, questions or comments.

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