Platform as a Service (PaaS)

This is another category of the services that offers the Cloud Computing, which consists in offer to the customer precisely a platform of computer science made suitable, as well as the possibility of occupying that same tool to as if it was about a service. 

The main characteristic that distinguishes this model with respect to the previous one is that the customer generates here the necessary software from programs and tools supplied by the supplying company. In the same way, the user can control aspects associated with the configuration and development of the software that he uses. For this the supplying company puts several resources at your disposal, such as: The storage space, the internal infrastructure and servers. 
One of the advantages that offer to the model of Platform as a Service (PaaS) facilitates the use of various applications without the elevated cost that would imply buying additional programs. With that what he obtains is the possibility of doing operations of delivery and reception of software in Internet.

There is a great variety of alternatives relating to the model Platform as a Service (PaaS), however will mention the most important: Hosting, in order to develop applications, to effect proofs etc. all this integrated in a well-balanced environment that includes of course properties of maintenance and scalability. 

Which are the different existing kinds? 

Those that offer a great developmental facility of tools and or programs 
When talking about facility we are referring ourselves to the possibility of allowing to the customer the option of making suitable the existing tools in the supplying company, according to his needs. Perhaps the only negative aspect that we could find here is that in the majority of the times the user is forced to sign some contract of co-property of software. 

Those ones that are designed only like an environment of development 
These do not include technical support, financial support or licensing, if they complement themselves with models SaaS or with some external service that meets available in Internet. Its fundamental purpose is focused only in supplying an adequate environment, that in turn it facilitates the development of applications.

Companies that dedicate themselves on delivery  
Some companies dedicated to the PaaS; do not include all the elements (development, stage of proofs and debugging etc.) With this they only take care of offering storage services, assurance and deliveries On Demand. 

Open platforms. 
They are those that bestow total elbowroom upon their customers. For instance, the user can use the programming language that is more convenient for him, any operating system, the server that more suitable his requests etcetera. 

They conjoin in a single place services of: development, proofs, creation, storage and performance of software. At the same time they can supply some of the above-mentioned services by way of combination. The interaction multiuser can sometimes take place at the moment of accomplishing proofs in the different applications that they have available at that moment. For that reason, the supplying company of the ace model Platform as a Service (PaaS) should count on an environment that it enables accomplishing changes in real time. But all over that adjusts to your customers’ needs. 

The net finds itself set up under the precepts of creation of an user interface that enables the Creation of tools. In order that this purpose has success, the companies that offer the service give several types of help to their customers as they can be: Counting on patterns standardized like the HTML or JavaScript, using company programs Adobe (Flash) etc. The multiuser activities find available, this lets that the user has a faster and easier access therefore more speed and exactness in the performance. Another aspect that it did not show every time that the feedback inside its environments plays a fundamental role, because it is thanks to this it can be detected some errors before the product is done. 

Something else that proves to be predominant and that therefore we cannot leave out is the aspect pertaining to security. In each phase of the process of creation counting on a safe environment gives very much tranquility (access, distribution, confidential information of the programmers, data bases, and use). 

Finally, only we have still to say that the Platform as a Service (PaaS) gets the possibility of monitoring your customers, so in that way these may measure the existing interaction between the end user and the offered application. This way, indirectly they obtain a competitive advantage concerning the competition, because they can know the new tendencies on the subject of software, or inclusively seeing towards what side it is bending over the market.

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